Sr. Specialist, IT Administration

We are looking for IT Administration Sr. Specialist - Senior Solution Architect Digitalization with below job description and qualifications.





  • Gather user requirements, analyze and propose a digitization solution which include necessary data collection for analysis to support a measurable outcome in operational efficiency, optimization and improved service level,
  • Identify opportunities to improve the way the company operates, and then implement changes in a way that creates value,
  • Monitor and measure the transformation progress,
  • Working with business leaders to identify opportunities for technology implementation in their departments,
  • Managing teams of developers, designers, marketers, and other staff members to develop new solutions for the company,
  • Having knowledge about GDPR (Turkish Policy) processes and to ensure their implementation within the department,
  • Have a responsibility to co-operate with management and staff with nominated or elected EHS functions,
  • Have a responsibility to comply with relevant YAZAKI and legal,
  • EHS management system policies, procedures and programs, as appropriate,
  • Must not bypass or misuse systems or equipment provided for EHS purposes,
  • Must report any unsafe conditions which come to their attention and address where possible.






  • Experience in IoT technologies
  • Experience in automation in manufacturing
  • University graduate from engineering fields or related fields
  • Experience or relevant Digital & Technology Strategy background
  • Good command of English both in written and spoken (Part of the interview will be held in English)
  • Strong desire to work in technology-driven business transformation and curiosity around opportunities and threats posed by innovation and industry convergence
  • 5-7 years of experience in information technology
  • Good communication and team working skills
  • No military obligation for male candidates
  • Residence in Bursa
  • Good PC Skills




Thank you for your application.